GBL :: Muffums / *BOOM* - Fringe Winter Scarf set was born!
Muffums are available in twenty different color/pattern options and come complete with white or black fur versions and a matching sculpted scarf from Aranel. :DMuffums attach to your ear points and can be adjusted easily for any hair if you're willing to be patient. If you're a stretch pro (like those of us with fuller hips just HAVE to be in SL) then it'll be a cinch.The scarves come as a spine attachment, leaving your jackets and warm winter coats the chest attach point for their collars.Also available: A bonus set of vintage muffums, these come in black/brown/white color options - on scarves are included in this package, however, you can choose between a braided silver or gold headband to accompany your muffums to further push the point of winter fashion fabulousness. Hi, everyone! Time really flies! February is about to come to an end already. There will be many warm days toward spring but there are also cold days, too. Please be careful not to catch a cold. Talking of coldness, I am enthusiactic about the Winter Olympic Games which is held every 4 years. Japan has won medals in Figure Skating and Speed Skating, but it’s a pity that those weren’t gold medals. I also enjoyed watching unfamiliar winter sports through the broadcasting of Olympic Games. I have to wait another 4 years for the next Olympic Games…quite a long time but I look forward to it.

Paris Metro
Oggi vi presento due abiti del brand Paris Metro, uno verde smeraldo ed uno blu notte e marrone
Paris Metro Panther Emerald
Skin by Monicuzza Babenco *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS Shop Sharon 03 Mint Dark
Collana *YS&YS* Afrika Necklace Silver by Monyka Benelli *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS Shop
Paris Metro Avalon Mermaid Gown
Skin by Monicuzza Babenco *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS Shop Adriana Lust 05 Snow EB Brown
((JUNWAVE))Marron Black
PanJen Dramatic Lashes curly feather lil stars
Paris Metro Avalon Mermaid Gown
Skin by Monicuzza Babenco *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS Shop Adriana Lust 05 Snow EB Brown
((JUNWAVE))Marron Black


KIM Bodysuits Panama Dress
Skin by Monicuzza Babenco *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS
Hair Tatum Blacks by fri.
KIM Bodysuits Panama Dress
Necklace and earrings FeelFree Hearth by Monyka Benelli *YourSkin & YourShape* YS&YS
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine
Nuove skins .... le adoro!
Ho fatto una pazzia, lo so, ma come non resistere?
Ecco a voi le nuove skin di Monicuzza Babenco, accompagnate dal delizioso vestitino Lilly in vari colori di Dadina Dosei. Sono pazza, lo so, ma fa lo stesso :P il problema e': quale scelgo?

I really don't know what's good for me. sure, sex, sand, sun, and sandals are givens, but outside of that, really; i'd rather not even begin to bother. putting my energies into mundane rl realities isn't a heck of a lot of fun. nursing is not my career of choice. let's face it, there's only so much you can deny yourself in real life before some ugly reality wants something you're not prepared to give up. first to go is one's self respect. compromise is not something i like to argue. i've killed people with my best guesses. responsibility sucks.
time spent on indulging my fantasies in SL seems so much more appropriate a place for my energies. i know it's wrong, disassociative, escapist fantasy. it's unhealthy and utterly fruitless. and i love it.I don't know how often i'll be posting now but should you see me in passing, i'd love for you to stop and take a look. it's really nothing all that fancy compared to the pros. i've learned everything i know about graphics from being here in SL. the blog's a little limiting sometimes so you might see me post to my ISSUU channel every now and then. i hope you find the pix pretty and the words provocative.

If my reviews look/feel like a paid advert at any time, please kill me. promptly. i'm serious. i make absolutely no money whatsoever from this blog. i do not have any non-disclosure agreements preventing me from telling you the truth. i am not part of any corporate network preventing you from believing your own good senses. i don't have any Linden friends or Lab employees who can power trip on you. i blog what i like and what i think needs appreciation. i don't ever get what i want, but i still try to give what i can. if anyone gets hurt, it is not my intent. long live Second Life and selfish indulgence.

Meet my newest alt - Isn’t she preeeeeetty? I love her! She is now one of six avatars I’ve created and own in SL and only one of two that I run on a consistent basis; Perion, of course, being my original and main avi. Perion is the one with the land, the massive inventory and the vast linden account. Lucky bitch.
Alts can be weird for me. Perion aside, I have four others older than this one and have never been able to bond with any of them. Surprisingly, this one has developed nicely and I find I enjoy running her around SL more than I do my main avi. I suppose that’s because she’s the first one I modeled after myself. Because, yeah, my RL body is EXACTLYBut I do have the big ole mop of auburn hair, big, green eyes, kinda elongated face… and this ensemble she’s currently wearing is not unlike something I’d throw together IRL. Well, OK. That skirt would have to be longer. And the sweater would be buttoned. But you know what I’m sayin’.

Details:Hair: >TRUTH
I love the somewhat burlesque look of it, and I definitely love the exuberant hot pink color! This is a great value even at its regular price — but run get it today for 60L! By happy circumstance, one of my favorite jewelry sets from Sn@tch was the perfect match for this set. Sn@tch is currently having an amazing sale that everyone needs to get to. I know you are saying to yourself — how can Sn@tch’s prices get any more affordable?!? Sale’s on ’til tomorrow, I believe — so hurry! Hair: *Beauty Avatar Hair* - AIDA - Umber Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Bolder. eyelashes - Black Crow Nails with rings : A&A FAshion - Dangerous Nails2010/black Skin: [MPQ] - Stevie Pale Natural Shape: ~~DeLyn~~ OPHELIA Shades: [LeLutka] - JAMES shades/black Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Animated Earrings Black 3 versions Fur jacket: *Beauty Avatar Couture* - SURA Suit -Black Fur Jacket Shirt: *Crazy* - Bologna top brocade Pants: (Kunglers) - Natalia - black pants Shoes: Chapeau tres Mignon - McQueen Rose Boots RFL and Solange I’ve been wearing this outfit by Solange for a few days now and though I normally don’t wear silks, this example is particularly fine.

The mechanical bits actually move and the fit and finish are wonderful. This version is exclusive to the RFL Clothing fair, as it’s for charity but there are many other colours available as well. Solange is located in the Paris Sim at RFL. I found that the lag was not bad at all while walking around most of the sims. If you haven’t been over there its well worth a visit. There are many interesting things to see and do, with Fashion shows and DJ’s playing music. As of now 3.5 Million Lindens have been raised!!!Hair is new by Exile and gives a nice windswept look. Skin again is by Tuli, Eva, I will admit that while walking around I keep admiring my own butt!! Tuli’s new store is now up and running, and looks great.Designed around a fantasy theme, its set up in the sky with Elymode and LaForgia Jewels.

Skins are available in 7 tones and 10 make-up choices. 1000L per skin. 4950L per tone.The boots are by Earth and Sky Design and are perfect… The poses are from Striking Poses. I was sad to hear that Zelly Mornington is closing her shop and sim. She is a very talented posemaker and let us hope that she will regain her health and return to SL one day. She will be missed! Until the sim is sold her posepacks are for sale at 50% off. LOTD 22.02 With thanks to this wonderfully sculpted and coloured skirt from Sugarcube I’m really getting in a summer mood. I’ve paired this outfit with Surf Coutures Spring Fling wedges which were a valentines day groupgift, and I can’t wait for them to be released in more colours. The bangles are a new release from Mandala, they come with a set of nails and rings as well, but I’m not such a big fan personally of prim-nails so I decided to wear the bangles just as is.

Dress: Sugarcube – Lightly flared Skirt popy
Bangle brown leather Shoes
: - SC Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges valentine (groupgift) Hair: Detour – Storm C dark brown Skin: Dutch Touch – MaAn cocoa matred CL2 Poses: Long Awkward Pose – from Model School II pose-pack (ty Dove :)) Fear & Clothing If you've yet to walk the streets, you're missing out on a great cluster of shops, gorgeous photo op scenery, and a great and comfy vibe -- but the best part, and I'm sure some of you are familiar with this already, is Damon's
shop: Fear & Clothing.

Now, I've known Damon for ages. (Approx. 3,000 years, SLT) It came as no surprise when he told me he was going to start creating, and I was excited to see what he'd bring to the table - and though I so obvs. knew it was going to be good, I never guessed it was going to be this good.If you're not the polo's and khaki loving kind, and you like a little bite with your bark, these designs are for you.From lowrise pants (with get this, no ass cleavage :D) to sharkskin jackets, Damon's got you covered. His line is a wee one, and still growing up - but if the present pieces are anything to judge future designs on, we're in for one helluva good time. Aranel Ah of *BOOM* and I haphazardly decided (quite randomly, mind you) to bust out a little colab action - and thus the

The owner MandyMandy McMillan is a graduate from “kirin eyeglass creating school” which is a famous eyeglass school among Japanese SL residents. The school has produced many talented eyeglass creators in SL. The latest product is a tear-drop, aviator type glasses. MandyMandy says “I put most of my time and energy in to the texture work. It took quite a long while. I am especially proud of the outcome of Gold”. Styling Look Today's style from AOHARU's new short knot shirts with dEVOL's new mini dress.

Izzie’s Tulle Cocktail Dress
Izzie’s is a fairly new store to me, the first time ever heard about it was when they held an Easter basket hunt and I fell in love with the clothing there, it is so girly and adorable. When I heard there was a new release at Izzie’s I headed down there and fell for the new Tulle Cocktail dress, it’s a perfect combo of sexy and innocent.Onto the next release from Izzie’s, Wood Bangles. Comes in 9
different colors (shown in 4 colors) and they are extremely cute and match the tulle cocktail dress perfectly.TP to Izzie’s.I love it when releases new stuff, each new release is better than the last and I absolutely the new hairstyles (Scarlett, Anna, Scarlett.2, Adriana) Each hairstyle has a color changeable band or headband and each of them are pretty, my favorite is Anna, I love the way it flows over the shoulder, I never want to take it off.And now onto the outfit which is another favorite. Paradiso.Romper is so freaking cute. I love the belt, it just makes the outfit, it comes with three belts, each a different color and different sizes

what I’m wearing:
Hair: – Marie – Anxious Blond
Skin: LAQ – Pearl – Fair 05
Dress: Izzie’s – Tulle Cocktail Dress – White/Ocean/Magenta
Bangles: Izzie’s – Wood Bangles
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti – Black

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